Private Dining with a Masterchef in Paris

April 13, 2017


While searching on TripAdvisor for a great restaurant for our last evening in Paris, we came across four listings for, a private experience in a chef’s home. After looking into this further and looking at the reviews, we determined this was the perfect way to spend our last night in Paris – talkabout an adventure! After reserving our spot and paying at the website, we received an email from Masterchef Jean-Yves with information about getting to this private location, including the address. The apartment was in a very unique French neighborhood in the 4th Arr. We turned down an alley to find another family waiting for dinner as well. Minutes later, Jean-Yves opened the door to a private apartment and we were invited inside. We were immediately greeted by Luke, his dog, which for dog lovers like us made us quite excited!

Jean-Yves also introduced us to his sous chef who was preparing food in the kitchen. We sat at a table in the apartment, just around the corner fr
om the kitchen. Jean-Yves spent the first couple minutes explaining his story and why he does this. He won Masterchef France in 2012 and his passion took off from there.

Shortly after arriving, we were provided with drinks and food, a total of four courses. With each course, there was an explanation of the tastes and sometimes even a bonus question, which made this a very interactive experience. Each of the courses were very different but were excellent compliments to one another. I never imagined eating duck, let alone enjoying it! But, it was prepared wonderfully.

In between eating and drinking, we had the opportunity to really connect with the five other people attending the dinner. One of the families was from the US as well, the other from Italy. Despite the language barrier with the Italian guests, we were able to communicate fairly well. The most incredible part of this dinner was the connections we made with people we had never even met. In two and a half hours, we celebrated Chef Jean-Yves
passion for food and cooking, we shared in someone’s 40th birthday, and we even shared in the excitement of another guest finding out some really big news about their company. All with people who we had never met, yet we felt connected, truly connected.

We can’t wait to try another EatWith or AirBnB Experience again! They are expanding all over the world and the U.S. It’s a great opportunity to experience life as a “local.”

Note: This dinner could be booked through EatWith or AirBnB Experience.

Learn more about Masterchef Jean-Yves and the experience at:

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