Why We Choose Adventures

January 25, 2017

Our lives together have always been full of adventures – from our first dates to first weekend getaway trips to our wedding day, which was full of wondrous excitement, happiness and love, and about the worst weather of the season. Adventures. This is us. We choose adventures.

Our first travel adventure as a married couple was our honeymoon to Fiji. We were excited to go to Fiji, but also weren’t quite sure what to expect. Well, we quickly learned that Fiji was a whole different world…not only is it beautiful and warm and perfect, but there was something about the people in Fiji. Everyone was just SO NICE. The attitude in Fiji was positive, genuinely positive. Everyone was happy, kids were laughing, parents and kids were spending time together, people were enjoying life.

To say that life is simpler in Fiji is an understatement – the resources that Fijians have are different than that of us in America. There are absolutely trying times, people are getting by with less, but they still appear to be happier. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? To be happy spending time with your family outside versus fighting over the next video game you want to play or being too focused on buying the next “cool thing” than really being present with your loved ones. What a concept.

This was the trip of a lifetime, not only because it was our honeymoon and we were in paradise, but because it was an eye opener to life. It reminded us of the little things – the importance of being outside, taking time to get to know people and not be glued to your phones. It also reminded us that people are genuinely good and want to do well. We realized how important it was for us to meet more people from around the world and from different cultures. We wanted to be present in the moment and to really enjoy our time with each other in this amazing country.

So, where to from here?  Good question. I’m not sure that we know the answer to that question either, but we do know that we choose adventures. We are committing to a lifestyle of travel and adventures, whether they be local adventures or adventures across the world. We want to experience life in the present moment and travel is how we are going to do it. So, feel free to come along on this journey with us as we choose adventures.

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