September 9, 2018

When I became aware of the Shipt concept/opportunity, I immediately wanted to learn more.  Shipt is a new on-line delivery service for Target that you enter your order on-line and someone personally does your shopping for you and delivers it right to your door. When I looked further into it, I knew it was a perfect opportunity for me to try out. Not only can I earn some extra money while being in complete control of my schedule, but who doesn’t like to shop at Target!  I am newly a stay at home mom as my husband and I had twins in December and have a newly turned 2 year old. As we all know, kids are expensive and no longer having my income to stay at home with the kids is scary. Shipt seemed like a perfect way for me to make some extra money and still stay at home with kids.

The process of signing up was so simple and quick.  I applied, interviewed and was offered the job all within a hour.  I did this while caring for 2 infants. After I filled out the on-line application, I was sent a link in my email to set up an interview.  You must have an I-phone or Android and you download the app, HireVue. This allows you to answer multiple choice, essay and video record yourself answering questions. The interview consisted of 7 multiple choice questions, 2 video recorded questions and a short essay.  Within 20 minutes I received an email stating I got the job! I then filled out a W-9 and background check form online, and it was official. They send you a shirt, a credit card that will be loaded with each orders payment and an insulated cooler bag in the mail. There is an approximately 45 minute on line orientation that was very easy to follow and really helped to learn what the job entails.  I am so excited to get started with earning some extra money while have 100 % control of my schedule and keeping it very flexible for my lifestyle needs.

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